"Enter" Key doesnt work at all on external keyboards on android

Like the title says. I cant use the Enter Key or Arrows Keys to do anything on anytype android platform. I tested it with multiple bluetooth keyboards.


@XxxBalCion Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker

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Hi all!
I encountered the same problem with version 0.4.2 on a Lenovo tablet (Android 11 with security patch of 5th september 2021).
Keyboard is not connected via bluetooth but with tablet pins.

All other keys work perfectly.

I’ve tried also using my “Logitech Mx Key”, connected via bluetooth, and the problem is still there.
It seems that “enter event” from any physical keyboard is not handled from the android app.

Is there anything else that I can do to help solve this problem?

It seems that this problem still exist.
It would be great to have this fixed which will make the app much more powerful on an android tablet.

It seems not every keyboard is created equal as this issue extends to the backspace function as well:

I also experienced the same on my Huawei matepad 11 with physical keyboard on android version 0.70

Having the same issue on Lenovo P11 Pro with physical keyboard.

At the moment, the Enter key and Tab does not add new / indent existing item(s).

Same issue using the logitech K580 keyboard - tested both on my Nokia T20 and Onyx Boox Maxx 3 (e-ink tablet).

Hi, yes, the external keyboard does not allow the Enter button to work. We have a task to fix this behavior, and we’ll try to fix it soon.

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Work with an enter key should be fixed in the upcoming release


Please check Anytype Android 0.13.2 released update et let us know what you think

Works for me!

Tested on Android v11 with Anytype v0.13.0 and a Keychron K1 Bluetooth keyboard.

@XxxBalCion could you test as well with your setup?

I also checked how it is working with arrow keys. Pretty decent tho.
Up and down arrow keys from soft and physical keyboard are working like a tab button. Tab button also working. Enter and backspace buttons are working.

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