Enhanced Keyboard shortcuts for iOS/iPadOS

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’ve recently purchased an external keyboard for my iPad, partly with the intention to use it with the Anytype app for iOS, which has recently been updated to support iPads. It’s been a decent-to-good experience so far, especially considering that the app was built to be iPhone-first and just optimized for iPads.

While the rest of the experience has been satisfactory, something that has been very limiting and frustrating is the lack of proper external keyboard support and their shortcuts.

Here’s a list of a few of the most-used keyboard features that I use on Anytype Desktop that are not available on Anytype iOS:

Tab indent block (current behavior is just to add four spaces to text cursor position)
Shift+Tab outdent block
Arrow Up/Down move up/down lines. (current behavior is to move up/down in the current text block, not across other blocks. It’d be great if we could use arrow keys to move across blocks.)
Command Pallet + Arrow Up/Down On the Desktop app, you’re able to navigate through the Command Pallet through the arrow keys, but, on the iOS app, only selection via touch input is supported.
Right click It’d be great if a right click on an external trackpad or mouse would emulate a long-press on the touchscreen

Describe the solution you’d like
I’d love to have the iPadOS Anytype experience to closely follow the behaviors of the Desktop client, and adding these few crucial keyboard and trackpad optimizations for iPad/iOS users would help close that gap significantly.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
It’s always possible to reach up to the iPad’s screen to access the app’s full functionality while typing, but, this introduces unnecessary friction to the editing experience and makes it difficult when I’m transitioning from a laptop to the iPad and vice versa.

Additional context
The keyboard I’m using with the iPad is an Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, but, the Tab key also doesn’t work with the onscreen Tab key on iPad Pro/Air (I believe the Tab key does not appear on the screen of the base/Mini models.)

Update Apr 8 - changed text to wish for more broad keyboard and mouse support on iPadOS, rather than just Tab/Shift+Tab outdent support