Encouragement for the AnyType Team

Hello AnyType Team!
I just wanted to write this because sometimes feedback can seem very critical and maybe even harsh at times from people but the hard work are you putting into AnyType is awesome!

I just wanted to keep a balance. I know you need both. I also know that starting something new or doing something that has not been done before can, at times be very hard but worth it in the end!

So I just thought I would write this to encourage the Team!



Anytype is REALLY cool.

and still pretty rough around the edges… there’s a LOT of work ahead of us all here…

… and I’m excited by it, but yeah.

please don’t let the

     'but I want it to .... y'know... work?' 

messages wear ya down!

but I also want it to work :slight_smile:


Thank you so much @Jason_Eleazar and @Wolfspyre! Your comments were shared by my colleague in our Anytype Slack channel as our ‘affirmation of the week’, much to the delight of everybody on the team. Really appreciate your encouragement and thoughtful input to our product and community :heart: Have a beautiful weekend!


I‘d like to point out the fantastic job of the extremely thoughtful moderators who not only give poignant answers but also vastly improved the forum experience as almost every question/request is responded to blazingly fast.

Keep up the good work :+1:


Letting people use the software at this stage it’s brave because the feedback is obviously going to be a bit harsh. I hope that the saying “Fortune favours the brave” is true because Anytype is really the coolest software my nerd ass has ever put its eyes on.

Extra encouragement from Italy!


Joining in on the Anytype compliment train, it’s one of my favourite organisation apps of all time, and I can’t wait for it to keep progressing and getting even better. Love your work, Anytype team!


Coming from Notion, I sincerely appreciate the model of privacy FIRST, not as an afterthought. While I’m still learning the program, I really like it, especially the graph! It is especially helpful as a writer to see what exactly everything I have plays into and is associated with. It is also super handy to have the sets that can show everything of a certain type. Also, as a student, I love that I can customize the templates for new notes and pages so I can be ready for whatever classes decide to throw at me. There so many other uses for Anytype that I haven’t thought of yet that I can’t wait to see. Love the work, devs! Cheering from America!


Great software, I like the interface very much, come on


Been using this app on a daily basis since I got the invite, and I love it. It is my main notes app, and have it on 3 devices & it works great. The only thing I am looking forward to is the local server. Apart from that it has met all my needs since day 1. Oh and thanks for updating the Electron SDK!!