Emoji selection improvements

There’s a few improvements I would like to see to the emoji selection menu. It already got a lot faster recently but still pops in sometimes when scrolling down, though this is only a minor inconvenience.

The main improvements I would like to see are:

    • Easily being able to jump through different categories of emojis. It already seems like emojis are categorized into groups like “recently used”, “smileys & people”, “animals & nature” etc. It would be great if when the user knows they need an emoji from a specific category, they could simply jump to that category instantly without having to scroll all the way. Quick idea for this is a category toolbar at the bottom of the emoji menu after a little separator so you can click through the categories.

    • Another thing I’d like to see it more comprehensive emoji tagging. It frequently occurs that I use text to search for an emoji and Anytype doesn’t seem to understand which emoji I mean. Example: :joy: does not show up when you search for ‘laugh’.
    • If I remember correctly there is also a keyboard shortcut to open the emoji menu in normal text, but this shortcut is not shown in the shortcuts help menu. It would be nice if this was added.

This may be a lot of work. It seems Anytype uses the default descriptions that these emojis came with. At least other programs with these emojis are using the same descriptions.

The Shortcut is shown now.

If I get it right. This is the only request left, right?

emoji groups will be added in version 0.28.0


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