Emoji in checkboxes prevent new line creation

Describe the bug

Adding emoji to checkboxes breaks the ability to create a new line on Android. The emoji can be anywhere in the checkbox field and does not have to be on the end in order to cause the issue. My workaround has been to add emoji after the new lines have been created. (see attached video/gif)

To Reproduce

    1. Create a new checkbox list
    1. Add an emoji anywhere in the field
    1. Attempt to use the “enter” key to create a new line

Expected behavior

Checkboxes with emoji should act the same as those without and emoji. Both should allow for new lines to be created with the enter key.

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Android 10
  • Device: Google Pixel 1
  • Version: 0.1.9-alpha

Additional context

Video attached:

This has been fixed, It works for me. I think the new update fixed it.

Just tried it again. I still have the same issue on 0.1.11 even on a freshly created page.

@jayenicks Hi! Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker, and sorry for the long answer

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I can confirm that this issue happens for me as well on v0.1.14-alpha.

@jayenicks This seems to be resolved in Anytype for Android 0.6.1. Could you check your issue is indeed resolved? If so, please mark this topic as solved.

I can still reproduce this on v0.6.1. Guess this one’s keyboard specific as well. Can you please check if you can reproduce it with openboard / florisboard beta

Maybe this bug is related this other bug. Seems to be an issue with keyboard handling in general.

I can confirm this with OpenBoard on Anytype for Android 0.8.2.

@sambouwer is it still reproduced on lates version?

Resolved in 0.10.0!

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