Embed cross-type search into objects

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
When one starts to have many objects, one might have to do synthesis of a group of them into another object. To that end, it becomes very useful to be able to embed the result of a search inside an object, so as to be able to write without coming and going to a search page to see a set of results.

Describe the solution you’d like
In essence, this is what is done by the Embed Search Plugin of Joplin. With a simple field, it allows the user to specify a customized search that will return different content (title, body, tags, etc.) of the notes that are found via the search. It’s currently one of the most popular plugins of Joplin, and for good reasons : it opens a lot of possibilities.

Here is a screenshot of how it goes in Joplin, with a simple exemple:

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Currently, no alternatives seem to exist in Anytype; inline sets could help, as one could create a custom view with some precise search terms and information display. But even then, this would be limited to a single type of object.



This is also known as “queries” in some systems.

Btw, sets should soon be no longer limited to one type.