Email to Anytype

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
My workplace doesn’t allow us to install apps on our computers but I would still like to use AnyType to track my notes for work.

Describe the solution you’d like
Is it possible to create a way to send an email to AnyType to create an Object so I can continue tracking in Anytype. It could even go to a drafts folder or a inbox of sorts and allow me to file it later.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I guess the other option to my dilemma could be a web app but I don’t think that is in the plans.


Another solution would be a portable version of Anytype, which I could find really useful for situations like yours where it may be impossible to install your own software.

Just like this post here: Portable

Oh yeah! That’s a great idea as well.

I also searched to see if there are any plans for a Web App for Anytype, but I couldn’t find any. Has anyone heard anything about it?

There’s no current plan for a web version of Anytype, according to posts from the team in various places.

I’m not sure how a web version (or email to Anytype) could fit with the security/privacy architecture that Anytype is built on, in any case.

A portable version might be a solution, but there are many organisations that restrict even that

This isn’t a solution to the request. I would also like to be able to email information (project emails, status updates, meeting notes, etc). A web version is really a different question. This request is looking for another way of inputting data from what we have already, such as typing, copy/paste, or importing from another tool (which is being worked on).

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