Eliminate ⌘ + S

While I know data is auto saved I sometimes hit ⌘ + S and it’s annoying to open search pane by error. I believe ⌘ + S for other than saving is confusing. If saving feature is not provided ⌘ + S must do nothing.

Many, many apps use Ctrl / Cmd + S for search. I doubt that this would be removed.
This is a much better way to solve your issue:

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Thanks for your reference, I’m looking forward customizable keyboard shortcuts being implemented.

Many, many apps use Ctrl / Cmd + S for search.

I had no idea about that at all. Could you please give me some examples?

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I don’t know about Ctrl + S on Windows, but I don’t think that applies to ⌘ + S on macOS. I can’t find any app on my Macs that uses that combination for searching. So if you have a list of examples, I’d be interested in that too.

I think something more generic but also already well established like ⌘+K would be more appropriate. But going for customizable keyboard shortcuts should definitely be the way to go.

I would have said that generally :

  • CTRL + S : save (if possible in the app)
  • CTRL + F : search
    As in Windows, Notion, Evernote, VS Code

Just so you know, I have no opinion on the application itself (even if deleting keyboard shortcuts is generally not a good idea, customizing them is always better).

It’s certainly not the standard for Mac - Cmd + F (F for `Find) is the standard. There may be the occasional outlier, but it’s not common.

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Yes, CMD+F is pretty standard for all native Apple apps and many other native apps. I think CMD+K is becoming more and more popular as a “general standard” these days, as it is common in many web apps and used by e.g. Slack, Spotify, Thunderbird, Aasna, Discord and many others.

But it’s definitely not CMD+S…


I always associate Cmd + K with inserting links, but maybe its use is changing.

Anyway, not Cmd + S, which should be Save.

My own opinion is that it should be left as is - it does nothing in AnyType, and so it’s reasonable that it continues to do nothing. A user can create a custom keyboard shortcut in AT, if that helps.

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Well it took me some time to get used to it, but now I am all good with these. But customised shortcut is definitely the way to go.

@takuyahara @lph I guess it might have not caught on on Mac, but Ctrl + F was the standard on Windows before, but a lot of apps I used started using Ctrl + S for search as well (especially if they also have in-page search, or so called find, so they need another shortcut for global search).

Ctrl + K was previously used for command bars, but a lot of command bars these days are also integrated with the search bar (and it seems like Anytype is maybe going into this direction as well with the addition of the setting shorcuts in the search results). Ctrl + K also works in AT for opening search btw.

@Filip I appreciate your response but I nonetheless would like to know the examples as a both win/mac user. Like I’m doing now I’m eager to contribute to growing softwares or services but without knowing their current situation/standard I may give wrong advice. Your examples improve my future contributions. :pray:

Hi @Filip I hope if you could name some examples which implement Ctrl / Cmd + S for search.

Seems like this wasn’t as common as I thought it was. I guess I was just changing the hotkeys to Ctrl + S, and then forgot about it.

If you wish something to be implemented or removed, you can always write a FR. Doesn’t matter what standard we use or don’t use.

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