Efficiency of Anytype for Meeting Notes Management

Hi everyone!

Discover in my article how Anytype transforms the way you manage meeting and conversation notes. :slight_smile:

Using Anytype, I’ve created an efficient system that acts as an “off-Brain” for all my job-related notes over the past four years. Key features include:

  • Customizable Meeting Note Templates: Tailored to capture essential details quickly.
  • Organized and Accessible Database: Chronologically sorted notes, easily retrievable for reference.
  • Seamless Integration with CRM: Link notes to specific projects and contacts, enriching your project management.

Read the full article to see how Anytype can be your go-to tool for managing meeting notes at haak3.de or in german at haak3.de.

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How are you linking the notes to contacts and projects? Is it using the object type relation? I tried using that, but it only goes one direction; I want bi-directional relations like in Notion.

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They are most definitely using object type relations (Linked Projects even confirms it since they are probably using the default relation for that).

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True. It’s a relation. :slight_smile:


I really hope for a feature to let flow datas (e. g a Person’s name) from a contacts page into an other Object (e.g. a meeting note).

If both Objects have the same relation “Name” and there’s a link between the two Objects, then the Relation’s content should allways flow from one Object into the other.
That’s so basic for a database …

Let’s assume there is a good customer in the contacts. He orders all some days a few items.
At the moment one has to type his name and address for each single receipt he gets.

The Objects Relation can’t solve this user case at the moment.
And surely the team knows about this need. But I have no clue when such a feature may come?

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Very cool Thanks for sharing.


How did you do this? The links in your original post have 404 errors.

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sorry, changed from github pages to wordpress. I’ll add the new link to the main post.

Appreciate you fixing your URL!

Looking at your “Template for Meeting Notes,” there is a bunch of stuff that I do not see when creating an Object.

  1. Under the words “Meeting Note template,” you have “Select date,” “Select tags,” and “Select objects” all separated by dots. How did you do that?

  2. The next two rows look like they are in a two or four column layout. How did you do that

  3. How did you get the empty circle and the various prompts to enter information (“Select text,” “Select objects”) after (“RK,” “NM,” “Tag,” “Linked Proj…,” “Participants,” “Tasks”) the static text?

  4. What does “RK” and “NM” mean?

  5. How does your “Participants” objects work? Do they work with the default “Human” in Anytype in some way?

  6. What do you mean by “Contact relation with the CRM”?

Thanks in advance!


lets go through your questions step by step

  1. Stars next to the relation

2.pic a block and move it next to another block.

  1. U can move them out of the relationsmenu - like in the pic

  2. RK = Traveling Expenses (did I turn them in already) NM - Travelnumber of my agency for certain events

  3. I don’t use the human object, since I also have companies or agencies in my database. Therefore, I have an objects contacts.

  4. I connect every note to a person in my CRM (customer relations management). A large database with every person I have contact with.