Editor seems to be assuming a pressed command


Sorry i cant really explain the stuff in the title. But as you can see in the video below, after every 10-15 minutes if tyoping, my editor seems to assume that im typing stuffs + pressing the command button( control on on my mac at the same time. Thus, it seems to choose the whole block and highlight it, also highling all the blocks as i move through the blocks. I hopw you understand it.


I really dont know, it happens out of nowhere. And no, my command button or anything doesnt have a problem, it works fine in other apps.


It should not highlight blocks as i go on typing. Also it just refuses to dehighlight itself and not even let me input the text or anythign as such


  • OS:
    MacOS BigSur 11.6.8
    MacBook mid 2014 intel i5
  • Anytype Version:
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Yeah I’ve been getting some funky behaviour in the editor as well.

What you’re experiencing could be related to this:

Are you facing the same problem as me in video?

Hard to know for sure, as I don’t know what you’re doing in your keyboard/mouse. I describe what I experience in the post I mentioned.

I have been getting the exact same experience as well (Win10 & 0.28.0)

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Does it help if you click every selected block with the mouse to deselect the selected blocks? That should get you out of the selection “mode”.

Doesn’t ESC do that?

Good one, I should check… Or do you know this is working? :slight_smile:

It worked for me yesterday (assuming we’re talking about the same thing!). Unable to check now…

As the behavior/method of selecting Blocks will change in the upcoming release, I will mark this as Planned.

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