Easiest way to create a Kanban Board for a new project

Anytype newbie here, so I hope my question makes sense :slight_smile:

I am still puzzled about how to quickly create a Kanban board for a project. I know I can create a set and set, set the object type to task and layout to kanban board. But that shows me all objects of the Task type, I only want to show the new ones I make for this Kanban board for a specific project.

What is the best approach here?

Thank you!

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I personnaly achieve this with a Status relation.

Each project status can be “to do”, “In progress” “pending”, “Done”, “Archive” etc…

I created an “Active” Kanban view using the filter option for all “To Do” and “In progress”

You can basically use any relation to filter your new project, like creating a specific tag (let’s call it “new project”) and filter a view.

Thank you Elias! However I don’t fully understand, still trying to wrap my brain around everything. If you have time, would you explain how to set up a Kanban for a new project step by step? Thank you!

Not sure I fully understood what you want to achieve but I recorded you a small video, please excuse my accent :slight_smile:
Relations are the core of Anytype to filter, organize and sort your different objects.


Hi Elias,

Thanks a lot for taking the time to make this!!

This honestly seems quite convoluted compared having to do all these steps, compared with how I do in Notion like here:

Is there no way I can just create a new page with an inline set with tasks, without first having to go in the the tasks database and make a new task there with the new project assigned?

I also have a few questions:

  1. If I make a new Set with the object type set to Project, I do not get the Status column automatically like you do. And the same when you first add a task, you get “Priority”, “Linked Project” and “Due Date”. How do you do that?

  2. I tried setting it al up like you did, but I do not have the “+ New Object” button at the bottom of my inline project set, as you can see in this image. Do you know why?

  1. If I view the project as a Kanban board I see the name of the project on every single task of the Kanban Board as you can see in the attached picture, do you know if I can disable that?

Thank you!


Happy if it helps, that said take my advices with a grain of salt since I’m still exploring the app.

Yes you can go with a more straighforfard way but keep in mind that Tasks objects will appear everywhere you add an inline Task set. My approach is meant to filter Tasks regarding projects. It’s the specificity of Anytype (compared to Notion) that objects are gathered all across the space.

You have to enable Relations you want to use.
“Priority”, “Linked Project” are custom Relations I made for my system, “due date” already exists by default. Hit the “+ Add Relation” to find or create new ones. Toggle on/off the one you want to see and use.

No idea sorry

Disable Relation using the yellow toggle