Easier table creating and more filter features

I miss the feature I often used in Notion to type /table and get the option to create a table easily inside of a page or an own page of it. Sure, it’s already possible to create tables but kinda difficult to do this in my opinion.

Another thing I liked at Notion was that I could add a filter to a table where I could choose directly a date (which is also possible at Anytype) but also one that was named ‘Today’/‘Tomorrow’ (not that it just choose the date of the (following) day) so the date changed (if you can describe it like that) every day automatically.




Inline display of sets is being worked on. The linked request also requests for inline creation of sets and Yes, A more streamlined option to create sets from the / menu would indeed be great :grinning: Speaking of tables, the team is also working on [Simple Table feature](Support for "Simple Tables" (block type, not databases)) which is not available in notion :wink:


Closing this topic in favour of the ones linked by @lynxlove