Dynamic Objects (whose existence and/or content and Relations are defined by an algorithm)

There’s probably a better name for this other than “Dynamic Objects”, so let me know and I can update the title.

I’d like to be able to define Objects via an algorithm. Note the difference between that and to programmatically create objects (which could be a feature request on itself, more related to automation). I’ll try to explain with an example what I mean.

Let’s say I’m doing some time tracking, using a simple Type I created, with Date, Project and Duration as Relations. Most of the times I’ll add hours by creating the Objects individually, as they happen (ex. on 2022/02/24 I add 1h towards “Contributing to Anytype”). But sometimes I’d like to just add them in bulk, in an approximate manner. For example, I’d like to be able to define an algorithm stating that “Every Monday during December 2021 I worked 4h on ‘Project Y’”).

I don’t need those objects to actually be created, as long as they otherwise “act” as they did within AT. If I search for “Project Y”, all instances should show as results. If I ask for a sum of the Hours for this Type for 2021 (whenever this feature is available in AT), I’d like the hours set in these dynamic objects to be added up as well.

The reason I don’t want these objects to actually be created, besides avoiding cluttering my database, is that I want to be able to easily change/tweak the algorithm as needed, whenever I want (for example, changing the Duration in the algorithm above from 4h to 5h). If the objects had been actually created, any tweak would need to trigger a mass deletion of the created objects, then re-creation of all the new ones. Very messy.

I would also like to be able to manually edit a dynamically defined Object, after which it would become a static Object. For example, if i know that in a certain day in December 2021 I worked more than usual on that Project Y, I can open the Object for that day and edit it.

Of course, this is a very broad description of my idea. There are several other things and edge cases to consider. My hope is that what I describe is actually something that already exists, and perhaps is even already being considered by the AT team. Maybe there’s even already a FR in this forum which I couldn’t find because I couldn’t think of the right search term!