Duplicated Pages are linked Pages


When I want to duplicate a page it just creates a linked page.

I am not sure if this is a bug, but this is what I expect of duplicating a page:

    1. I have a meeting page with questions.
    1. Now I want to duplicate the page to use it as “template”
    1. Now I have 2 same pages and can type different things in each of them.
    1. This is what actually happens: When I write on page 2 “hello” it appears also on page 1

To Reproduce:

    1. copy any page
    1. type something
    1. check the copied page


OS: Windows 10

Version: 0.17.7

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@XxxBalCion You are not duplicating a page there. You are duplicating the mention of a page, which you can move to any other page to access the same page you created initially.

At the moment, I am not aware of any ways to create a copy of a page other than copying its contents manually. Though, I remember the Anytype saying templates will be implemented, so I’d wait for that.

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@BGray Alright thanks for telling me.

Oops, it’s really annoying being unable to edit a reply once another reply has been written after it. I meant to say I remember the Anytype team mentioning templates as part of the databases update. Please do correct me if I’m mistaken.

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I am also not sure anymore but thanks. Would be nice if it is part of the databases update.

@XxxBalCion Hi! A page duplicate works how you had written, it’s ok.

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Steps to reproduce

    1. create page (original page - title: “page 1”) in Anytype
    1. duplicate page (new page - title: “page 1”)
    1. change title of new page from “page 1” to “page 2”

Actual behaviour

Title of new page changes, but so does the title of original page.

This also happens for any content created in the page.

Expected behaviour

Title of new page changes from page 1 to page 2, and title of original page stays the same.

The content added to new page should only be added to the new page, not the original.

Video showing behaviour

I’ve recorded [this video to show the behaviour on my Macbook](https://nuboso.ei8fdb.org/s/qJ9agF2k5s53kH9) and [this video to show behaviour on my ANdroid device](https://nuboso.ei8fdb.org/s/kd95xbmrqepaNBX).



  • OS: OS X 11.4
  • Device: MacBook Air (13-inch, 2017)
  • Version: 0.18.28


  • OS: Android

Device: Oneplus 5t

Version: 0.1.14-alpha (0.15.15)

Level of annoyance

High - this behaviour is not expected, and doesn’t occur in other applications.

Thanks all! :smiley:

@ei8fdb Hi! This happens because now you only can create the link to the page and every. Templates and the ability to create copies of them will be implemented in the next release.

@Kirill_Lem Aha, so you mean right now it’s not possible to make a copy and edit the copy, while keeping the original the same? But this will be possible in the next release?

Just to make sure I understand correctly. Thanks for the reply.

@ei8fdb That is how I understood it too. Which is interesting! Because it means there is a sort of “virtual copy” feature. I am less interested in this function for whole pages, but am hopeful it becomes possible for blocks, too (like “synced blocks” in Notion).

@ei8fdb Yes, you understand correctly

OK thanks. It is very unexpected behaviour! I don’t think this is good behaviour to maintain. If this will change in future releases, then it’s OK to wait til then. (I understand the Team has a lot to do, so patience is needed!)

If this behaviour will be maintained I would expect this to confuse people migrating from any other note taking application. I thought it was a bug/unstability based on how it behaved.

@Oshyan Sure, I can see use of replicating blocks and changing original changes the replicate (and vice-versa) but that would need to be communicated in a much different way. The current behaviour looks like a bug.

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@ei8fdb Oh I agree!

I found this confusing, too. It is like duplicating links to an object but not the object itself.

And, it would be great to have an option to duplicated actual pages (besides having templates).

@roncz True, there is now a feature request for [Duplicate object feature](Duplicate an object)

The mentioned feature was implemented in 0.24.0

@Flip How do I duplicate objects again? My “duplicated” objects are still just a linked version :thinking:

@XxxBalCion could you make a video of the steps you take? I can make a page, then create a duplicate, then make isolated edits to either object, and none of the changes reflect in the other object as they are two distinct objects

Okay got it! I used the action “duplicate” on the action menu.