Duplicate option

A feature missing is a duplicate option, which is very important escpecially in sets when adding multiple objects that differ with only one thing or two.


CTRL+D on a block duplicate it, but yes a feature like this is missing from Sets. The fact that the Objects of the Sets are not rearrangeable is surely the reason.

In case you also want this feature:

My problem is 95% of my work is on my phone and tablet, so it’s extremely rare for me to use a laptop, and the mobile apps at this moment are very very restricted.

Oh I see, in this case the multiple touch selection would be very useful.

This has been now added to the desktop version (0.24.0).Not sure when it will make it’s way to the mobile version though

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@lynxlove any update on this visa mobile?

On Android 0.8.2 it is possible to duplicate both Objects and Blocks.

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Great thanks @sambouwer, then I will close this topic