Duplicate of a title/cover page on Android

Hi there ! I’ve came across a bug which seems to copy the cover image and emoji and show a duplicate of those elements on the Android app.

Steps to reproduce

    1. :desktop_computer: On your computer : Create a page with multiple blocks
    1. :desktop_computer: On your computer : Click and drag your cursor to select all the blocks, including the title, copy it
    1. :desktop_computer: On your computer : Paste those blocks below
    1. :iphone: Open this page on the Android app

This is what happens - it does correctly show up on the desktop

It seems like it is possible to paste the block a of title page, to have two main title blocks on the page (which is shown as a duplicate of the first title on android), but then it is impossible to delete the second title on the desktop.

I’m using Windows 10 - Anytype 0.17.8

and Android 11 - Anytype 0.1.7-alpha (0.14.7)

@phileas Thank you for your notice! It has been added to the bug tracker!

@phileas, consider updating your Android app to 0.1.9 . This should fix the issue.

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Yeah ! Confirmed this is solved ! Thanks so much :heartbeat: (and sorry for the late reply)