Dropdown Relation Type (single or multiple choice)

I’d like to be able to create a relation that accepts only a certain list of options as a value, that can be picked via a dropdown menu. This could be set as either accepting a single value or multiple (allowing user to select/unselect).

The reason I’d want this isn’t so much to limit the choices (though this could be useful), but to help me know/remember what options I want to be choosing from for that relation.

I’d even like to be able to add new options to the list easily (maybe the last option of the list would be “Add to list”).

An alternative implementation could be to be simply to use the tag type, but add ability to show all available tags in a dropdown menu when the field is clicked.

Still, the option of making a relation accept only 1 value at a time would be very useful. Currently there’s no way to do this (unless you use tags and remember not to add more than one for that relation).


I guess it could be partially achieved if the following request is implemented:

[Ability to limit the scope of a relation](Ability to limit the scope of a relation)

That way the choices are objects as well. Moreover I think that this option of limiting the number of values (any number, including 1) would be better aligned with the scope of the request above.

Anyway I like your idea of having a simpler option as well: just defining a list of values. I think this is a very much needed feature.

@qualquertipo did you tried the status kind of relation? isn’t what you are looking for?

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The relation type of Status does exactly what you want.

  • Tag -> Takes Multiple Value
  • Status -> Takes a Single Value

However, we still want the Tag and Status relation to display only the options which are unique to the type and limit their scopes


Thank all for the replies!

Status does solve most of it! I had never tried that type (I guess I dismissed it thinking it was too specific - for status-like values).

Scope limitation is indeed still needed. I understand there are already requests for that.

Being able to pre-define what are the allowed values would still be nice though.

What’s best - rename this request to be about this? Or mark this request as “solved” and I make a new one?

@lynxlove There shouldn’t be a way to manage the status options right at the Type page? It seems I can only do this at the Object or Template pages.

@thiago_nascimentodf ah yes, AFAIK, you cannot populate the value for the relation from the Types page. The same goes for Tags relation as well

@lynxlove I just opened a new request for this:

[Relation settings right at the type page](Relation settings right at the type page).

Thanks for the upvote! :wink:

@lynxlove btw, at least for me, for the Tag type I don’t even get suggestions for existing tags in other objects (as per [this bug report](Existing tags not being suggested when adding a new tag)). Or am I missing something?