Draggable separator for block columns is margined

This is best demonstrated by the following screen record:

NOTE: It only happens in this specific note, I tried reproducing it in another note but it didn’t occur

Unable to reproduce by those steps but that’s how it happened:
I moved a block to the right then undo’d it using CTRL + Z

Notice that when I made an Undo command using CTRL + Z, this bug happened + the undo command didn’t revert it to the original layout, i.e reverted to 1 - 1 ratio instead of 2 - 1

I guess this bug happens as a result of some kind of a “unreal” width for the undo’d block

UPDATE: CTRL + A → CTRL + C → Create another note → CTRL + V will paste all the copied data with the same bug

That means the issue is with the code of the block itself, it got messed some how?

UPDATE 2: I messed around with the blocks then used CTRL + Z and it got fixed.


  • Device:
    PC / Laptop

  • OS:
    Windows 10 / Ubuntu 22.10

  • Anytype Version:

  • Technical Information:
    Device: saif-Latitude-5500
    OS version: linux x64 6.2.0-39-generic
    App version: 0.36.0
    Build number: build on 2023-11-20 20:38:18 +0000 UTC from at #df0868e687be6aa9ffd9d3f5bf4c550ab6e43d5a(v0.29.16)
    Library version: v0.29.16
    Account ID: A8DMi22aG2JeS6SqxmXaBUJ6e8wMUq18HuXkXtKHNg1GaCcd
    Analytics ID: db3c2a07-1014-46a9-93a4-738acd080829
    Device ID: A84EXEKFcNDPTduyUaHhphAhE588EaGjrawybcdUfYc9jXPS

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