Drag panel around screen isn't working


Clicking top bar and trying to drag panel around screen selected text instead and can’t move panel around. On table pages can’t move at all and entire table is selected. On non-table pages can move it around but small blue box appears at cursor trying to select something.


To be able to drag panel around.


  • OS:
    macOS v13.0.1
    Mac Mini M1
  • Anytype Version:

Non-reproducible on Windows 11 @ v0.38.3 alpha. Seems to be macOS related.

Hi @geniusunleashed thank you for your post and welcome to the Community!

Can you please reproduce the bug in a video and please fill in the steps from the provided template to recreate the bug?
I’m afraid I don’t understand exactly what you’re referring to when you say “panel”. Do you mean a “block” which for example contains a Table with text? Or are you referring to the entire Anytype application window?

Hey Angelo:

The entire window. I’ll try to get a video made up as soon as I can!

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Could you check whether this happens when you are on the dashboard/home screen, too? Secondly, could you check whether you experience the same issue when you open an Object in a model (so in a smaller window instead of “full screen”). Finally, could you check whether the application window size makes a difference? (windowed vs maximized)

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Hey Sam:

Here are a few videos with what you asked for.


This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

FIxed this.

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@geniusunleashed Can you confirm, that this is fixed?
I’m on Linux and it seems to be a more mac focused bug.

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Closing the topic because there is no response. Please open a new topic or flag this one to be reopened if you still experience this issue.

Sorry, flip, not sure why I didn’t get that previous reply. It’s “sort of” fixed. It works to drag the screen around and no longer highlights random boxes in the table, but I’m still getting a weird blue box appearing near the pointer when I drag the screen around. You can see it here:

@geniusunleashed Got you. Thanks.
@Angelo Could you forward this?

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Aaaand, it’s not fixed. I forgot to test the main thing, when the tables are scrolled further down. it’s still doing the same thing:

Updated the issue

Seems to be fixed in 0.31.1

Nope, still doing it :frowning:

Interesting. Then it seems not to affect Linux.

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.


@Angelo this one is marked Improbable, but that might be wrong. What do you think?

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What does improbable mean in these terms? Generally that means something most likely isn’t true, but I provided video evidence so I’m assuming it doesn’t mean that here, haha.

Improbable means that this issue most likely won’t be fixed (or in the case of feature requests that they most likely won’t be implemented), and as the evidence in this topic suggests, the issue is real :wink:

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