Drag and dropped image from Firefox


First time I tried this, but dragging an image from a webpage opened in Firefox does not seem to work.
That being said, I found this post where it’s mentioned that this functionality was implemented, so I’m reporting this as a bug: Drag and drop image (from web) / paste image link -> embed image - #3 by edwin
Additionally, I tried dragging the same images from the same webpages, but using Edge, and that worked.


ᅟProvide your setup info:

HP EliteDesk G705

  • OS: Windows 11 Pro 23h2
  • Anytype Version: v.0.35.4

Could you share a link/page or whatever you ary trying to copy into Anytype here, so I can test?

I think this is where I noticed the issue: How to Craft the Perfect Daily Schedule (According to Science)
I just tried again, and it seems to work if I open the image, and then drag that, so it might be something on how the page is made. Nevertheless, maybe it’s something you can look into, as it seems to work just fine with Chromium browsers.
P.S.:The first image works just fine. Try with the rest.