Drag and Drop Too Sensitive on Android

Describe the bug
Sometimes holding/ending a swipe on a block registers it as dragging the block even for a short period of time, making it feels too sensitive.

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Open an object with some blocks.
  2. Swipe to scroll around.
  3. Some blocks will be “floating” as if we’re currently dragging it.

Expected behavior
The drag-and-drop should be less sensitive.

System Information:

  • OS: Android 10, Realme UI 1.0
  • Device Manufacturer/Model: Realme 3
  • Anytype Version: 0.4.0-alpha

Additional context
Video 1: Anytype drag 1
Video 2: Anytype drag 2


Adding a customizable duration for triggering the drag-and-drop behavior would be, in my opinion, the best way to sastify the individual needs of users.
Some users may find themselves accidently triggering the drag-and-drop and wish to turn the long-touch duration to 300 ms, while another user who moves blocks frequently and would like to save time may want to tune the delay to 120 ms. Other applications, namely keyboard apps, offer this sort of ability to fine-tune the long touch duration for each user.

Another improvement might be by adding haptic feedback for all blocks when the drag-and-drop is triggered. At the moment, haptic feedback is given when the drag and drop for blocks containing text is triggered, but not for any others. This would help with inadvertently moving blocks by making the behaviour more predictable.


Thank you for reporting this! I moved your post to feature requests and inform our developers about your experience, they will take a look and see what can be done. Also thank you Edwards for a valuable comment, appreciate it!



I also did experience the behaviour that when just scrolling through a page blocks are unintentionally moved around.



I have also experienced this issue but didn’t know how exactly to describe it - so good job! I was kind of suprised to find this topic in the feature requests section, since it is probably more of a bug I guess. However, at least there now is a thread for this.

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Another possibility would be to have an “edit” mode and a “view” mode you can toggle between. Atlassian confluence works this way, although it’s slow as hell switching between the modes, would prefer to stay snappy and quick.


This issue might be resolved by improving gesture detection: for instance, taking into account that any swipe gesture (moving pointers while pressing) should not be considered as something triggering drag-and-drop behavior. Drag-and-drop behavior should be triggered when you press, don’t move your finger and wait for the haptic feedback — signal for moving your block. Expected in 0.5.3.


The new 0.6.0 update with a fix for the drag-and-drop functionality along with a “Lock page” button has been released - how is your experience with dragging-and-dropping in this version?


Haptic feedback does not seem to be present yet, but the drag and drop option has been greatly improved. Marking as solved.

Does this issue still occur in the latest Anytype mobile update? Because it doesn’t seem to be a bug or a request anymore.