Double click in top bar to zoom-in and zoom-out (mac)

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The idea is when you double click on in an empty space on the top bar, the desktop app shold zoom-in or zoom-out, which is the same as pressing the zoom option in the window menu. This behavior is done by most mac apps.

Is very handy to be able to do this instead of pressing the zoom option or manually adjusting the size of the app.

This is the top bar im reffering to:

And this is the action it should do when double clicked:



I agree. It works this way on Windows, and should do the same on Mac.

The only thing I’ll mention (and I will report this separately in a moment), is that if you use the “maximize”/“zoom” button on Windows and then try to double-click the title bar, it no longer toggles zoom. It’s possible it works the same on Mac, so check and see if you can use the double-click action when it is not already maximized…

What should this “Zoom” button do? It’s not happening anything when I click it. I tried clicking it with the Anytype window not maximized and when maximized, but nothing happens.

I have never used a mac, so I am taking a shot in the dark here. Zoom would magnify the window the same way the magnifier works on windows, or is it a word mac uses in place of maximise.

@Oshyan No It doesn’t work, double click on the title bar does nothing, being alredy mmaximized or not

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@iagodiogenes Try to manually resize the Anytype window, and then press Window-Zoom, it should expand the window to all the screen, and pressing it again should resize it to the previous size.

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@Kite Nothing happened :frowning:

@iagodiogenes which os version are you using?

@Kite 0.18.28

@iagodiogenes what @Kite means to say is what is the version of your mac os

Is it still not working on MacOS? Works on Linux.

Nop, in version 0.24 still dont work

It still does not work in 0.29.1 on macOS.

This can be marked as solved, is working in the lastest release.