Don't save newly created "Note" object if no changes made

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I’m accidenlty create new object and just return to home. And new object with untitled name is saved. Later I need to delete it manually.

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Don’t save newly created objects if no changes made.

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Delete new object manually.

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Shall I change the category to Bug report? This feature already exists and there is already a feature request for the same:

It would also be great if you could add a screen recording while reproducing the issue

In my case I select type. It’s not same.

This is the same case as in the linked topic by lynxlove, with the exception, that this topic here is about the “Note” type, which doesn’t seem to need any input to be saved.

I’m adding that into feature request as it is not really a bug.


When creating a new note (+ icon or Ctrl + n on windows) will open a popup to start writing a note.
When to popup disappear, if nothing has been added, the note should be discarded.

For now, the note created but empty stays with an “untitled” title and nothing inside polluting the system.


When the modal disappear and nothing has been added to the note, this one should be delete.


The note created but empty stays with an “untitled” title and nothing inside polluting the system.


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The described behaviour is already in Anytype for years. Maybe you change something inside the note like add and then delete content. If you just press plus and then close the note it will delete the note automatically.

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Actually, I think it can be enhanced.

If you actually select a type and add nothing to the note, this one will still stay in the system.
It should also be discarded.

The design right now is that if you create a new Object with the bottom bar [+] or CTRL+N:

Default Object No changes at all Change to Note Change to Type without Template Change to Type with one Template Change to Set or Collection (no further actions, not even selecting a query)
Note (no template) Removed Not applicable Removed Kept Kept
Page (no template) Removed Kept Removed Kept Kept
Page (with template) Removed Kept Removed Kept Kept

Summarized: if you don’t make any changes, your draft Object is removed, unless it is (changed to) a Note, or if you change to a Type with only a single Template as that Template will be automatically applied (which is a change to the Object).

I think you feature request is very similar to this one, so if you agree I will merge them.

As a bit of background: It all started with this bug report (which is marked as resolved with the change that resulted in the current behavior):

There was a feature request for the same underlying idea: “If I create a new Object, and change my mind before making any changes, the Object “draft” should be removed again”. This one is marked as implemented because it was not about creating Objects of Type “Note”, or changing to an Object of Type “Note”.

There are some open feature requests that could improve this behavior:

In this request its asked to make it easier to identify Objects you create on the fly, but haven’t “filled in” yet which can be useful when you are for example creating Objects from the Search UI:

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Yes, you can merge them. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

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