Don’t show passphrase in the app

The following content is from machine translation:
Anytype is unsafe.
Most software passwords are stored in the user’s mind.
But you are shown in the software,
Remember that QrCode and recovery phrase are equal to the password.
If a computer or phone is hacked, all notes are instantly synced to another device.

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Hi @James.Lwuang, welcome to the forum.
It’s already possible to lock the app with a pin, is that what you are suggesting? Also please follow the template when submitting feature requests, it helps us better understand your needs!


First of all, the Android version cannot set the pin for the time being,
In the window version, delete a file and the pin can be removed.

This problem doesn’t seem to be a bug,
Just trying to improve the security,in a future version.
I really don’t know which category should I post in?

If you can circumvent the PIN by deleting a file I would definitely count that as a bug. Please open a bug report :+1:

Sorry.! Can’t remove the pin directly.

After deleting the file, you can reset the software, restore the notes through the recovery phrase, and indirectly delete the pin of the window version.

Thanks for the clarification. This indeed is not an issue, as the files are not encrypted on local and if you have the passphrase you have access anyway.

The notes being leaked by your device getting hacked isn’t really a thing that Anytype want’s to prevent as the data is not encrypted.

But I also think, that it is not needed to to show the passphrase in the app itself.

So should we edit the title to something like “Don’t show passphrase in the app” or similar?

Agree to modify.

My starting point for bringing up this topic is for the safety of my notes.
Not to mention hackers now, others can’t open my notes and easily get my passphrase.

One requests, the passphrase can be modified.


Thanks for rising this up @James.Lwuang
We will protect recovery phrase screen my device password to show.

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