Does mobile sync work in the background while the app is not open?

Basically the title.


Nope. You’ll need to open the app. Shall I move this to the Feature request category? I think your question raises an important topic for all platforms.

On the desktop you can protect the app with a pin, but this is not yet available for mobile. Do you think this should happen even when the user is not in the app? Even with a pin you remain logged in, you just cannot use the app without entering the pin.

Another question that came to mind is that you might burn through your data if background sync happens all the time, so maybe a “sync over WiFi only” kind of setting would be helpful :slight_smile:


Yeah, you can move this to the feature request category.

The background sync should work as long as you are logged in. I don’t really see a reason why it shouldn’t work like that, personally. Ofc, an option could always be added later.

I just checked, and on Android, it’s possible to prohibit the app from using the mobile data or even just to use mobile data while in the background. No idea how it works on iPhones.


Thanks for reaching out! We’ll certainty think about introducing it at a later stage, and it will probably be configurable in the app settings, since some user might not want this behavior, it can drain your battery, etc.