Document size tool

Document size

Over time if we add videos, music … to our documents it can happen that they take up a lot and it becomes a problem to detect where the problem is.

A solution is to add an option similar to windirstat or similar software, in a quick way you could detect the problem, go to the document and delete the attachment.

This would also help low capacity android / ios devices.


@javiavid This is a cool idea, but possibly a bit overkill. A simple list of attachments that can be sorted by size and which has a column showing page ownership would probably work just as well for this purpose. But the core idea is good. If/when you can delete and not just archive that is. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


@Oshyan Yes, I think your idea is better haha

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I’ll also mention that in a very early alpha of Anytype I managed to find a list of all the pages in my workspace in a database list format, with properties and everything. I’m very hopeful that the coming database functionality will still allow something like that, letting us interact with and manage our pages in a list format with sorting, multi-select, and other function. If so, just adding a “size” column would address this feature request. And all this would be a big improvement on Notion.


@Oshyan The option of the column is a good idea, so it would be similar to a file browser.

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