Do any of you try to show task progress? If so how do you do it?

I used to use a program that had a color bar which would show at a glance how far along you were on a task or project and it was really helpful for motivation. Especially since a lot of times you fully intend of completing a task, but something gets in the way and you end up only getting half done. It’s a little demotivating to see the checkbox on the task is still unchecked even though you got half of it done. I know this sounds silly, but to me it almost feels like doing half the work amounted to nothing because the checkbox says the task is just as undone now as it was before you did half the work.

With my former goals program- If I put down “Send Replacement Item to Client” as a task, and then I packed the replacement, printed the Label, … woops I ran out of tape. Now I can’t complete the task because by the time I get tape, UPS will close. In my program I was able to drag the bar up to 80% and the bar would turn greenish at that point (The lower the percentage the more Red the color of the bar was). This way I could see at a glance that I mostly did the task and it was great encouragement to just do the little bit that was left the next day. Obviously, Anytype doesn’t have anything like this, but if anyone out there is showing task progression in their Anytype, or if you have any ideas on how to go about this, I’d be interested in your thoughts.


The best way to do this is to probably use a status relation, and then manually tag it as you go. You could just use 20%, 40% etc. or perhaps icons instead?

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This is why I’d very much like a nested subtask and a progress graph here in Anytype. (A bar works, too, but I personally find a graph more inspiring.)

Right now, I use statuses for objects that need to show progress. Instead of writing the percentage, I use icons to express completion. For example, 1 icon for “just started”, 5 for “completed”. Pretty much like how you’d do star ratings.


Your way is a great work around because I think you can put the status icons on the Grid View which will allow me to see at a glance, without going into any windows, how far along I am on a task. I think that’s what I’m going to try now myself.

As for subtasks- I suppose any task that you nest inside a task is already a subtask- but you’re right that as you complete each subtask in a project it would be great to have some top level view of how far along you are on the entire project.

For me, a progression bar or graph is especially helpful when it comes to singular tasks where I don’t really want to go through the slog of typing out each and every subtask. Like in the Sending a package example I gave above- I certainly could give that task all these subtasks:

Walk to the Mail Room to Get Box
Find an appropriately sized box
Get scissors out of drawer
Put replacement item inside the box
Walk to drawer
Get tape out of drawer

But when it comes to simple tasks rather than projects, most of us would agree that “Send replacement item to Client” is broken down enough and we’ll want to forgo the subtasks. In this case it would save a lot of time and be a great reminder of how far along you are/what needs to still be done if you can just quickly click something to show this information at a glance. Such as in the example, when I ran out of tape and now need to buy more tape- so much faster for me to just click a rating of 8 out of 10 icons and add a “Buy Tape” task, than it is to write out each little subtask and check them off.

I’m having a difficult time picturing the graph you mention for project progression because when I google progress graph I mainly get a bunch of bar charts with percentage. Do you mean something with dates at a glance kind of like this?


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How are you using icons to show the status? When I add the status relation, Control+E won’t bring up any icons or emojis in it.

I think you can paste them from clipboard or use WIN+ . (windows key and period) to enter it as text


ooooooo! Yeah!

You’re right, it could be treated like that. I’m not using Anytype as a task manager yet because I feel like the execution of their calendar will affect how I organize my tasks inside the app. But I imagine, if I can literally see these nested tasks (instead of having to click/enter each parent task), then accomplishing things would be much more fulfilling because I can see all the tasks in one list. I’m very much a visual person, if I can’t see it, I tend to forget or ignore. (Another reason why I use the ‘progress bar’ relation.)

Yeah. Try googling the progress graph in Asana, it was one of my favorite features back when I was using their calendar. Basically one ‘line’ is for the number of tasks at a given time, then the other line is for the tasks completed. So as you make more progress, you’ll see the line go higher until the two lines meet. I find it highly motivating for larger projects that take a while to finish.

But a graph like that needs a view of its own, so the progress bar makes more sense for looking at everything at a glance in grid view.

After setting up my Set in desktop, I go to my phone to set up the icons. :laughing: Android emojis are more detailed than Windows’ and also more expressive, imo, so that’s where I browse my icon choices.

To add to this, I use the shape-looking icons for a more professional, progress bar look.


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This is good info. Thank you!

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