Dividers between object relations in Grid View

The Problem (more of an inconvenience)
When a set (in Grid View) has many items, and the user must scroll down to a point where the column headings are no longer visible, it becomes difficult to estimate the boundaries and locations of relations.

The Solution
To have dividers separating columns be visible for all objects in the Grid View, not just the headers.

Additional Context
This would be ideal for both desktop and mobile, as the issue exists on both.
Having this as a view option might be ideal, as this isn’t really necessary for sets with few objects or customizable relations.

Thank you for reading, hope you have a great day!


You are literally saving my time by posting what I didn’t have time to. :sweat_smile:

This was a pain point, so thank you.

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There is also a related request to fix the same usability issue using sticky headers: