Distinguish the display of mention and link to page in the sidebar


Link is a stronger relationship between pages than mention.
So in the sidebar, link should be shown and metion may be hidden.


Hide the display of metion of page in the sidebar.
Or at least offer a switch to control it in setting.


For example, I’m trying to record the progress of something by date, it is weird to see the date in the sidebar.

Mentions are just inline links. That’s it; there are no real differences between them.

I don’t see the difference in one being a “stronger” relation then the other to be honest. What does that even mean? A link is a link, wether it is it’s own block or inline (mention).

Having a visual indicator in the sidebar that one link is inline/mention and the other a full block is something I can see some value in. For example show an @ symbol for mentions in the sidebar. But I am strongly against hiding inline links because I use them a lot and need them in the sidebar for example.

From my side, link stands for block and can change the view mode. Blocks build the page, which indicates that the linked page is under this page or part of the page structure, especially in tree view.

As for mentions, they are used as part of text, which makes it easier to visit related pages when necessary. That’s more likely hyperlink in website. And the thing matters should be the text itself, but not the mentioned page, right?

If there’re no difference between them at all, why not just use a mention to stand for a link, why link is even defined?

Referring to the example I made above, when I’m trying to use it for work recording, date is only used as a title for the toggled area, it will be annoying to show them in the sidebar, you can imagine that when you followed the item for 1 year, how much date will be shown in the side bar?

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Looks like you are looking for something like dynamic relations? Different linking styles, display, usage, for different contexts.

If so, I am looking for something similar, not with sidebar or list but graph or on block level.

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