Display complete description in linked page card pop-up

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m using a custom Dictionary type to take note of words and their meanings as english is not my native language. I then make a link to that object from page where the word is referenced. When I hover over the link, only half of my description is getting displayed even though there is enough available space for the entire description to be displayed

Describe the solution you’d like
If there are no blocks in the page, it would be great to display the entire starred relations and their values

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Manually opening the page to check the complete value

Additional context
If this use case or feature is too specific, solving this more generic bug report where hovering over an ellipsis does not show the remaining content would also solve this issue as I can then hover in the description of the popup to get its complete value.

However, for other relations such as tags, it would be great to display all of them if there is available space