Disappearing Set and Objects


In desktop app:
I created new objects, compiled them in a new set, and added it to my favorites. After closing the set, I went to my Favorites tab only to find the set missing. I went back to the Sets tab, and it was there for a second and then the box animatedly disappeared before my eyes like I just hit delete.

I checked Search, Recent, and Bin. Not only is the set gone, but the objects that I created for that set are gone as well. Even the new object type that I created for those objects have disappeared.

However, the relations that I created inside that set are still present in the Library, so it wasn’t like a total cancelation of my recent actions. They’re stuck in “Preparing” status, with none of my objects linked.

When I checked my phone, though, one of the objects synced. The object type was there, too. So it’s present there, but not in its original location.

The relations also synced despite the Preparing status.

Since the app is local first, the data shouldn’t disappear from the source device (desktop app) without trigger. So I’m assuming this is a separate bug and not a result of selective syncing.


I did the following:

  1. Create objects
  2. Create set
  3. Create/add relations and add to favorites
  4. Close set
  5. Visit Favorites tab (I was in the Sets tab previously) and see that it’s missing
  6. Go back to Sets tab where the set is present but it ‘removed itself’ without trigger

Unfortunately, I couldn’t reproduce the behavior anymore for recording.

I was able to reproduce it in mobile. See video in the comment below.


Read above, plus new objects gone in Search and new object type gone in Library.


Windows 10 Home — 0.29
Android 12 — 0.11


I’ve been experiencing sync issues for months now so it may or may not be related.

Can’t Create Objects + Syncing Issues

Updating to say this also happens in mobile.

  • Created a new page saved in Favorites.
  • Left the app without closing.
  • Came back hours later to see my page animatedly removing itself in Home/Favorites as soon as I revisited the app.
  • Checked Search, Recent, and Bin to verify it’s gone.

I was able to reproduce and capture it in this recording:

It was triggered when I hit the new object button. It was in the middle of animation when the new note was opening, and by the time the new note was closed, all 11 previously created notes were gone.

(There was also another bug in there. When I hit the back button, it turned into a blank note. Had to do it again for it to return to Home.)


This issue has been added to our issue tracker and was received by the Development Team.

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Thanks for the detailed post and the screen recording!

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Maybe your sets accidentally got into the bin eventually? I see it didn’t happen on the video
You can provide sync state and debug tree info after installing the upcoming android release also

Unfortunately, no. It happened too many times to be an accident, and I always check my account to see if my objects have returned somehow.

I have two “unknown type” in my Favorites, but I couldn’t tell what caused it anymore. The rest are just gone like it never existed.

What were you referring here? If it’s the set, I wasn’t able to capture it. But I found that it happens to everything new that I create, so I thought the disappearing pages was enough of an example.

I’m still experiencing this problem, actually. None of the pages that I’ve created have stayed in my devices since I made this post. In one of my older pages, I have a link to a missing object that turned into this ghost icon:

Thanks. I will wait for the next release.

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He was referring to the 40 sec mark in your video where you show your Bin and it’s empty. @fat_fellow is investigating reports of vanished pages aka Ghost Objects that eventually with no explanation reappeared in the Bin. Kind of Anytype X-Files :man_detective: :bust_in_silhouette:

If you’re able to capture some additional videos of your situation, as it’s still on-going, it may help our research.


Ah, thanks for clarifying! I checked my bin and none of it have resurfaced so far.

Will post here if I’m able to capture it again. Thank you.

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