Disappearing pages

I noticed that some objects of the page and bookmarks type disappear when there are several devices with an active anytype under the same account on the network.

I haven’t found any patterns yet… I continue to observe.

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Hi! Are the Objects disappearing on one specific device? Could you give a network topology/overview of the different nodes (with OS info) on your network and indicate which devices have an issue?

Where should I send the data?

If there is no confidential information in there, feel free to share it here on the forum.

We would need some info like the OS and Anytype version of every node in your network, and some details on the steps you’ve taken to run into the issue. For example, start Anytype, create objects, open Anytype on other device, wait for x minutes, observe that objects dissapear on first node.

how do I get a Diagnostic tree on an android device?

at.dbg.bafyecwfavod3iw2hp2nabhf7qlipyctrd3fq4zepodlpjycblenevkzy.20220903.131037.65.zip (22.5 KB)
at.dbg.bafyechc6peyzmdqgvmzm4asmfawvsf5jeba6xnftyihvlldcwwflqadl.20220903.130540.55.zip (18.1 KB)

Thanks! Unfortunately there is no way yet to get thlse logs on Android… Just to check: you have a Windows machine with Anytype 0.28.0 and an Android device with Anytype 0.10.0?

I have last version of the Anytype on Debian Linux, Windows 10 and Android 8.1

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Thanks! I’ll make this to a bug report.

@Vladimir have you been able to get more info on this issue?

I will ask devs to ponder into the problem

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I, too, have faced this problem. When I create an object using a specific device (all the devices are kept running and connected on the same network) and wait for it to get synced either through local network or with backup nodes, some newly created pages are moved to the Bin. I couldn’t find a specific pattern.

I have Anytype on Linux (Desktop and Laptop), and Android 11.