Disable infinite horizontal and vertical scrolling in Graph view

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Sometimes I zoom in at a wrong place of the graph and get a completely blank screen with no nodes on it. This can also happen if I scroll the graph at some direction

Describe the solution you’d like
I suggest limiting the scroll limits in Graph view so that at least one node is visible at any time, maybe implement some kind of virtual spring that pulls the camera back to a position where there are nodes on the screen.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Another option would be to add a “Center” button that pulls the camera to the center of the graph if a person gets lost.

Additional context
At first I didn’t understand that all orphan nodes are located in the top left corner of the graph, and had a hard time looking for them. That made me pull the camera in all directions and eventually I had no idea where all the nodes were.


Are you using anytype on Windows? Because for me zoom in and zoom out are way to limited. I wish I could zoom in and out more.

Unless you mean sideway scrolling? That seems to be endless indeed and should be limited.

Hi @Jeroen! I’m using the Mac version, but I think that’s the same for Windows as well. I’m talking about sideways scrolling, indeed. My graph is not big enough to bring trouble with zoom in and out :sweat_smile:

I’ve adjusted the title to reflect the scrolling directions to make sure it is not mistaken for zooming :slight_smile:

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Thanks! The new title really reflects the request better :grinning: