Directly take and insert photos within Android app

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
This feature request is not directly related to a problem, but is about a general improvement to the user experience.

I often find myself wanting to scan or photograph documents for placing inside of an object canvas from the Android client. With certain other apps, such as GoodNotes, there is an option to directly take a photo or scan a document, alongside options for importing an image from the image gallery. However, the mobile Anytype app only offers inserting already-taken image files using the file picker.

Describe the solution you’d like
Adding a pop-up selection prompt to choose between taking a photo (or even better - scanning a document, if the appropriate libraries are implemented) when the “Upload an image” block is tapped would help add this functionality to Anytype.

Here’s an example of how this functionality works in Notion’s Android app.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Taking or scanning a photo using an external camera app and then inserting the image into Anytype with the file picker is always a possibility, but doing it this method takes extra time and creates a duplicate copy both on the device and in Anytype storage.

Additional context


I’m not sure how the mobile app if and will handle plugins, but if it does, along with this feature making its way to the app, a plugin for OCR + B/W / Document filter to the photo captured would make anytype a great software to persist documents as well. All you have to do is to capture documents, apply the document filter + OCR and the document is immediately available across all your devices with anytype :smiley: