Difficulty to eliminate content

**Is your feature request related to a problem?I do not like that you can not do anything simply, you always have to access the three points. In the case of tasks, you have to enter the activities one by one and eliminate them.

Describe the solution you’d like
A keyboard shortcut, the option to select multiple items and an option in a pop-up menu to delete it


Hey @duvidr
it seems that this post in the linked feature request is wanting the same function. Would you be okay, if we merge yours into that?

As suggested in the quick video in the post announcing the release of Anytype Desktop 0.25.4, you can use the combination of sorting (using Sort button OR using the Sort option by clicking a column header name) and the newly introduced multi-select to more easily delete multiple objects that match specific properties at once.

This does not yet allow to “select all” within a Set, but as the added multi-select feature allows what was requested, I will mark this topic solved. Feel free to comment if you think it should not be marked solved yet.