Differentiate between images input by user and system

Its possible to reference an image with “@imageName”.
I noticed, that there aren’t only the images that I manually uploaded.
There are also a lot of images generated by Anytype, for example when creating a bookmark.

So I have a lot of images like these:

Or favicons

For me personally its very unlikely that I want to reference the bookmark previews or the favicons in another context.
So does it make sense to somehow differentiate between “input by user” and “generated by Anytype”? For example to exclude the “Anytype generated” ones from the search.

I could imagine that some user also will get confused about “Why are there images I didn’t put in there?”.

Happy to hear your thoughts.


Personally I would not like to see these images generated by Anytype in my searches.

This is the hardest part, I think indeed that they should be differentiated, but the whole question is how to do so.

I think it would be better not to make the search menu too heavy, but ideally each file generated by Anytype should have an identical start name formatting, something like:


This way it would limit the risk of these files appearing in our organic search results.