Different size of icons


I hope this falls under bug since I think all icons/emojis are supposed to be in the same size

Here I uploaded the same jpg for set (1. object) and an object (2. object) but they are displayed in a different size which doesnt make sense.
Screenshot 2022-09-28 222518

I also recognized something similar in this picture. The first object has a normal emoji the 2. has an uploaded icon/jpg file. The name of the objects dont begin at the same point which annoys me.

Screenshot 2022-09-28 232556


  • Upload the same image as emoji/icon for a set and an object and compare it when linking both together.
  • Only upload an emoji/icon to one object or and set and compare it to a normal object when linking both together.


  • All icons should take a similar space
  • upload the same image shouldn’t be displayed in 2 differently sizes.
  • All object titles should beginn at the same point.


Windows 11
0.28.19 - beta


I made sure to use the same text style for all linked objects/sets.

Are all those links created in the same way? Otherwise it might be related to this topic:

Yes created in the same way and then changed everything to a similar text style too.

What text styles do you changed them too?

the first one just simple text

It’s still different in 0.31.1

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

This is by design, not a bug.

I think it’s still confusing.
I’m not sure if a mention should show the icon. Especially when using it inline, the icon is distracting from reading.

Additionally, is there a more easy to see style for mentions planned? I find it quite hard to see what is a mention compared to normal text.

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Have you tested it in the latest Nightly Version?


Should i do a feature request to get this solved? I personally think all icons should have the same size so the text of the titles start at the same point.