Different jpg file size between iOS and desktop


I added jpg files to the pages object, when I check the jpg on MacOS and Windows version, the file size is as the original size, but when I check and download or share the jpg on iOS version,the jpg file size became larger, seems it wasn’t the original jpg file.


  1. add a jpg image to a page
  2. on macOS or windows version: right click the jpg, open as object, the jpg file size is the original size
  3. click the same jpg image on iOS version, click the top XXX.jpg, either share or save to photos, the jpg file size is much larger than the original file size.

it seems that using iOS version to add jpg file, the jpg file size will also become larger.


I want to get the original jpg file on iOS app version.


Windows : Version: 0.33.3
iOS : iPhone 14 pro, iPad pro M1, version 0.23.4


Update 2023-07-25:
I open the page which including jpgs, sometimes it turn out “image broken”, but I reopen the page, the jpg is show again. Then some jpg file size on desktop is larger than on iOS, some are opposite, on iOS is larger than on desktop.
For example, I put a jpg image about 2.1MB on a page, then I see it on iOS the same page, become a 6.1MB jpg image.

Hi @Phoebus, welcome to the community!

This is indeed weird, I don’t have IOS but let’s see if @Flip of someone else can replicate this.

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This report has been added to our issue tracker and received by the Development Team.

Can confirm that the size of the file on iOS is larger than the file I uploaded on the desktop.

This issue has been fixed by the Development Team and will be implemented in an upcoming release.

Hi, i’ve updated my iOS and Windows version, and find it become a new bug:
I opened a same page with jpg file both on iOS and Windows, when I checked the jpg file size on Windows, it’s the right size, then I open the jpg on iOS, it’s the right jpg size too. Then I tap “Done” button on iOS (without any change to the jpg), it will automatically reupload the jpg file on iOS, and the jpg file will become a larger one. After that, I check the jpg on Windows, it also become a larger jpg file. So I lost all the original size jpg file, it become a larger jpg in my page note.