Dev Diary: Building a new version

Dear Diary,… Welcome to the thread about our daily work and happenings!

We will post some daily reflection and random stuff during the database release preparation.

We thought that more transparency and a «live» show of our victories and failures will be funny and interesting.

Will see :slight_smile:

  • Today we’ve fixed 5 bugs related to databases and have released a new internal version
  • Ate 2 the most disgusting springrolls ever with @requilence :laughing:
  • Planned 2 internal UX testing
  • Invited new cohort with @endac
  • Started regress of the next patch versions of Android and Desktop: Windows navigation bar and app pane not working we have a bug with pages archived in one device don’t become archived on another aaand refreshed Design of the Dashboard :mage:

Listening to: Muse Thoughts of a dying atheist !:metal:


@Vova This is cool. I love this BTS of development and the transparency . This gets me more excited to try out the new release !