Desktop version incredibly slow all of a sudden


This week there have been many requests to restart and update (which I imagine is just actual updates) but today I restarted and all of a sudden it is incredibly slow, minutes pass by and nothing happens.


Happens right at startup. Doesn’t evolve. A video would be… just like a screenshot:)


Yes, I know… Update windows. I am on a win 8.

Device: Windows 8.1
Anytype version: 0.35.4

Older CPUs and limited RAM are known to cause performance lag. Plus the underlying framework in Anytype is optimized for actively maintained OSs.

Agreed. But it worked like a charm for months. Then poof! Can I revert to an older version? Thanks!

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I don’t think you’re going to want to revert with all the cool new features coming in the next releases. You can try to do a debug, share logs, or open dev tools and maybe we can see where it’s getting hung up.

Was just about to write back. I solved it. It was a video card issue, unrelated. Just coincided with the update.
I have to say, thank you for the top notch support though @Angelo! :heart:
And anytype is flying high! I have tried them ALL, trust me. This one sticks, even in beta:)

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Glad to hear you got it sorted, and happy to be of service!

Big thanks to you as well for being a part of our Community, we couldn’t do it without you guys :dove: