Desktop Version 0.35.1 is dramatically slower and full of bugs


I dont know if its just me, but I updated Anytype yesterday (also did a complete fresh install to see if it solves the issues) and since then the whole Application is very slow and laggy. Using “Enter” or creating a bullet list with “-” has a super delay. Videos not playing or not loading. Some typed stuff gets deleted when hitting enter. I also experiencing a wave of bugs for simple block editing. Does anyone else experience the same?


That new bugs occur is normal but the performance should be the same.


Windows 10
Anytype version 0.35.1
Im using a PC with a dual core it has not much performance. Older version of Anytype are smooth and fast. The 0.35.1 just laggs.

Does this still happen on 0.35.2?

I would say the performance is still less then ideal. The bugs are also still there.

Creating this kind of topics is absolutely useless and does not give any information or any concrete bugs. Please if you have any particular examples create separate topics with videos or screenshots.

@Filip do not assign topics on forum to me pls, thanks

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I don’t think it’s pointless to highlight if an update significantly decreases performance, as it helps to determine if it affects others as well. Bug reports, on the other hand, will definitely be addressed separately as usual.

In recent versions, I encountered a minor performance issue only once. Additionally, critical bugs that prevented me from working were resolved. Since no else reported any major performance issues this topic can be closed.

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