Desktop v0.32.0 initial feedback - Impossible to delete objects and files?

As background: I am a heavy Notion and Slite user, and I’ve tried Anytype several times before but each time had trouble navigating it and getting used to the terminology so I could never stick.

Now, I just tried the desktop 0.32 release and it’s GREAT. I love the look, the feel, and of course the speed and performance. This feels like I may be able to stick around this time :slight_smile:

I do want to share some initial feedback / comments / questions:

  1. I’m unable to find a way of wiping out all the data. In the use case selection modal, I didn’t select any because I wanted to start from a blank slate, but I still got a bunch of pre-populated objects. I eventually found the “everything” set but it would have been great to have in Settings > Profile > Account, an option to “wipe all data” (this would be useful too if someone wants to delete everything but keep their account).

  2. Related to 1, once I found the “everything” set, it looked like I was unable to select everything in it. I eventually did ctrl+A, but this took me a while as I am much more of a visual user. It would be great to have a quick “select all” option here.

  3. It would be great to be able to customize the floating navigation bar. For example, I will never use the graph view, so having a permanent button there is to me a waste of space.

  4. I’m having trouble permanently deleting objects. After going to the “Everything” set, selecting all, and “move to bin”, I went to the bin, selected all, and “delete immediately”. While the objects disappeared from my sidebar, I can still:

  • see the objects in graph view
  • restore the objects, after I click on them in graph view (they reappear in the sidebar and become fully usable again)
  • see deleted files in settings > file storage > manage files.

Am I missing something? How can I permanently and forever delete objects and the files they contain?

That’s it for now! Thank you all for the great work, this feels like such a huge leap forward and I’m super excited to get started with Anytype.

Some screenshots would be helpful. You should be able to delete pretty much everything if not everything.

I actually dove a little deeper and noticed that things were indeed deleted. The things that were remaining were default/onboarding objects.

However, I’m still trying to delete a few hundred more pages but I’m having trouble understanding how. What is the best of deleting a large number of objects?

Create a Set with an Objects relation. That will list everything. Then Select All and Move to Bin

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