Desktop (Linux) being able to enter page from search using "Enter" keyy

As of today, if I use ctrl+s I can search my page and then I select the page I want to access, using the Enter key does not lead me to the page, it does nothing. On the other hand using navigation crtl+o support the Enter key stroke which is perfect :).


+1 I would suggest that give users the ability to change their own key shortcuts.

now it works :slight_smile: only that u have to select entry with arrow keys. Maybe a little improvement would be to select the first result by default

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@wemiprog +1 Selecting the first result by default would be very useful for search as well as for the / command menu as well, currently you have to use the arrow keys to select the entry you want for both. When you’re quickly searching or typing something up it’s convenient to not have to move your hand to the arrow keys so you can keep typing.

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