[Desktop][Linux?] Being able to copy/paste markdown

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As of today, pasting Markdown into Anytype does not re-evaluate it, ending up with incorrect formatting as it just does not interpret it. This is particularly true with everything from links [xxx](yyy) to headers # / ## /... through lists *.

Describe the solution you’d like

It would be great if one could paste Markdown into Anytype successfully. The other way around would be great to: coying from anytype into markdown format.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

I reformat by hand, it’s painful :slight_smile:

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Markdown interop does work, but it may not support your particular “flavor” of markdown. For example copy/paste between Obsidian and Anytype works well, but not between Roam and Anytype. It seems like markdown paste is a bit limited right now, and should definitely be improved.

Edit: I realized this was marked as Linux, so it might be a Linux-specific thing, I’m not sure. I’m on Windows.

Maybe this is linux specific I don’t know I don’t have a Windows machine to check.

Anyway, for instance creating links with the [google](https://google.com) syntax does not work either

@Erwyn I copied your example and pasted it into my Windows install and it worked as expected. Might be a Linux bug or missing feature in that distribution.

Pasting this into Anytype on Linux results in something between external link and inline code.