Desktop app is not syncing

Hi, as sync still doesn’t work for me (for page), it occurred to me last night to install Anytype on a 2nd Android phone, wondering whether sync might somehow work between Android devices, it didn’t. Then, as the public page does sync across all devices I created a page inside the public page on each device and finally I got some idea visuals that it’s syncing (not the node sync, that always turns green on any page) and left both Android phones on the same network for over 7 hours and the wheel of death keeps spinning. Each device recognizes the page created on the other device but syncs forever. And on Windows same thing happens.

Main Android device

Second Android device

Windows 10

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We are investigating


Addition info on sync and some behaviour

When creating a page inside the public page, I can go to the desktop version and see the “page” saying syncing I can turn that page into a different block and the block changes its name to “Untitled” but the wheel keeps syncing.

If that same page is converted to a “code” block, the sync wheel disappears

It also turn into a code block on the Android device.

It feels like there is something wrong with the sync and there are files being updated all the time.


OS: macOS

Device: MacBook Pro

Version: 0.17.7

@IDTIMW Hey! Thanks for getting in touch!

Can you, please, send me your syncing

log file to

Describe the bug

Desktop app says “Not syncing”

To Reproduce

Expected behavior

Working sync

Desktop (please complete the following information):

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Device: Dell Laptop
  • Version: 0.17.7

Additional context

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@Arminus Hi! Do you still have a problem with the syncing?

@Arminus We have all the details regarding this issue, cause we face it in our accounts too. I will reach you when we release the fix. I think it will happen in 1-2 days.

We are still patching the server and will release new apps later.

It took more time than we thought, but as a result, we plan to increase the sync reliability significantly.

Anytype team and I personally apologize for the delay and do our best to fix this ASAP

@IDTIMW @Arminus please, check the sync and its status.

We have fixed many problems here:

@ichimga has told me already that’s syncing works back again!

Syncing is working well for me now, and I am loving the fairly detailed status info too.

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I’ve got exactly the same problem as described by @Arminus. I’m trying to sync to Android. It seems to be the same for every page I create.

@Chris Hi! What is the version of the android app?

@Kirill_Lem Hi, thanks for getting back to me. The version is 0.1.9. I’ve been trying it out some more, clearing all data from the app and logging back in again. Sometimes the syncing seems to work, so some of the pages and changes can be synced, some can’t. I didn’t see a pattern here, yet. I’ll report back as soon as I find one.

@Chris Sure! We also will look at your sync files and let you know when we find a problem.

I’m having the same Issue.

The sync is veeery slow (in case it works).

Using appimage and android, both newest version.

Does it matter that my android runs as the AP for the linux NB?

@wemiprog Hi! No, it doesn’t. Please send your logs for investigating.

I have trouble syncing with the Backup Node (stuck in “Preparing” or showing no connection) and between Desktop and Android. There are pages going missing and different pages showing up on both devices.

Object Diagnostics file is attached.

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@mbaumann thanks! We are investigating this issue and will let you know about any updates :pray:

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It will be fixed today!