Desktop and Android client not in sync

Describe the bug

I’m using anytype a lot during this days and I’m writing documents I need to be synced in my Android device. Unfortunately this doesn’t happen: from mobile device, when I open the page I edited from my desktop client and explode the toggle lists, I always see “Syncing” and nothing more, even 2 hours after the last change in the document from Desktop. When I click on the top right corner from the app I see “Preparing…”

Just for test I edited the document involved in this problem from the mobile device and the sync seems to work well in that way. So:

Desktop Client —> android client: sync almost broken

Android Client —> Desktop client: sync works

To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

    1. Create a document with toggle lists, where each item and subitems of the toggle list points to a page
    1. Wait until the page show the “Synced” icon on the top right corner
    1. Check from the device if it sync…

In my android device I just see “Preparing…” when I tap on the Sync icon on the top right corner

Expected behavior

Desktop and client should be in sync


  • OS: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
  • Device: Dell
  • Version: 0.18.28 Appimage


  • OS: LineageOS 18.1 - Android 11
  • Device: Xiaomi Mi Mix 2
  • App Version: 0.15.15

I’m trying to upload the sync logs but I get and error because it seems that upload json files is not allowed


I’ve sent the logs (object diagnostics) by email to address as specified in the FAQ.

Thanks. I’ll make sure we can upload correct file types here. I am not sure if sufficient network info is included in the logs, but if you can, adding info about your network config could be helpful:

Thanks for tour fast response.

My internet configuration Is really common. My desktop Is connected in internet through wireless (no VPN Active or any type of domain/ad blocker).

My phone Is using wireguard VPN to connect in internet (4g connection), but I have the same problem even of I disable the VPN.

I hope this could help

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This is how the sync issue appear on mobile

Another news: the problem disappeared when I connected the phone and the Desktop to the same wifi network (No VPN on both devices)

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@quietwalker JSON files are now a supported upload type. So you can attach those here in the future.

Thanks a lot

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Hey @quietwalker, is this still a bug happening to you?

I have a similar issue.

I’ve been using Anytype a lot the last week mainly on the Win PC and rarely checking the data on the android phone, but today I needed to access and edit an entry on my phone just to realize the a lot of blocks are missing/not synced with the phone, even when it says it is synced.

Same here with the latest 0.6.1 and desktop on 0.25.4 but then again the desktop has not synced with the backup node in ages, and the last successful sync with the android device was 48 days ago as per the desktop app. Not sure if these are related issues or not, but yes, android doesn’t sync up all objects, just a few then it gets “stuck”.

Tried resetting the app, changing to 5G vs my wifi, used a VPN, I can’t tell what’s going on. Maybe I should look into adb logging thing.

@quietwalker @Scaro @Panda do you still have this issue? There are topics about sync issues for newer versions of Anytype but this topic is about older versions of the software.

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Not anymore, it seems syncing speed has improved too, it’s almost instant across windows:android.

Thank you!

@Panda Thanks for the reply!