Desire for super block function

I’m a math teacher, I need to collect many Mathematics examination question with pictures, but text and picture are separated in anytype. when I search for the subject, there’s only text but no pictures. So, can we design a function named super block just like SiYuannote. Then we can Combine picture blocks and text blocks into a super block, or combine different blocks into a super block. I love anytpe’s UI and Interactive logic very much, but this function is so important for me, thanks!

I agree about the required end result, but I don’t think “superblocks” are needed (or at least not with a different nomenclature).

If you have a nested system, this comes for free.

For example, if you have:

  • Equation A
    – The equation itself
    – An image of it

When you search for “Equation A” you get both children.



By the way, it seems you have some experience using Siyuan Note. Would be cool if you could bring in more insights from that software! It seems quite powerful.

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Hi @IsaacY, thanks for your post and welcome to the community.

A proper nesting system with hierarchy would achieve the same thing, and there a lot of people in the Community advocating for this, so feel free to vote on the requests @qualquertipo shared in his comment if you feel it’s applicable to your use-case.

I assume you know this but the slash command /Picture embeds an image in the page, but it’s true that you can’t see the image when searching for that page, nor can images by themselves be searched for. This would also be solved if media files were objects, strangely now they can be viewed as objects but aren’t in fact, which feels incomplete. I think this will change soon with refactoring but I need to confirm.

Can you please provide an screenshot of how it looks when searching in SiYuannote to better understand your request? It’s also very helpful for us if you use the included template when submitting a feature request, so we can realize your idea as much as possible. Thanks!

First of all, I would like to say sorry for not replying for a long time, cause I had a lot work to do.

and now, we can combine these two blocks of different types jusk do like this pic.
now, this is a super block.

we can add key words to this super block for searching.

I add “anytype” to this block as a bookmark.