Design Inconsistencies

Hi there!

First of all, I wanted to congratulate the team on the amazing software that Anytype already is! I’ve been using it to keep all of my school notes organized and plan on using Anytype for all of my note-taking this upcoming semester!


Upon using Anytype, I was noticing a few inconsistencies with items such as the wrapper, scrollbars, window buttons, and snapping.

First of all, the app’s scrollbars, especially when the page or object open is floating on top in a smaller subwindow, float off of the edges of the app or the page as noted by the images below…

Scollbar at top of floating page

The image above shows the scrollbar when the page is floating within the app and the user is scrolled to the top of the page. As can be seen, the scrollbar slightly flows off of the page.

Scrollbar at bottom of floating page

Same as with the other picture, this is when the user is scrolled to the bottom of the page with the scrollbar slightly flowing off of the page again.

Scrollbar protruding into the wrapper

Finally, this picture above is slightly hard to see, but if you look closely, the scrollbar flows into the wrapper in the area beside the window buttons.

Second, there are a few changes that I would recommend with the top of the wrapper. This would be exclusively on Windows.

Window button inconsistencies, maximized

Window button inconsistencies, minimized

This above is what the current window buttons look like on the Anytype Windows app. When compared to the buttons below which are from a system app on Windows 11, the window buttons on the Anytype app are inconsistent with the Windows UI window buttons, specifically the buttons to maximize the app and to close the app.

Window button example, maximized

Window button example, minimized

Additionally, the black color of the wrapper clashes with the light theme of Anytype, while I understand that Anytype also has a dark theme, it would be nice if the color of the wrapper changed based on the theme used in Anytype.

The one above is the current Anytype wrapper with part of the app as well. The wrapper here is black which clashes and contrasts with the light theme of Anytype. Below is an example that I used Krita to change the colors of the wrapper, and its text and buttons to match the light theme of Anytype. (Don’t mind the object name in the example, it’s the name of a class I was taking last semester :wink:)

Finally, snapping windows of Anytype (or any other application with Anytype) side-by-side doesn’t work very well currently. As you can see in the picture below, the window has some sort of limit on how small it can be resized to and fills up more than half of my screen. It would be nice if I was able to resize the window smaller, especially since it shouldn’t cause the user interface of Anytype to display incorrectly.

As you can see, the windows overlap and cannot be resized smaller.


I am guessing that most of this would regard changing various things concerning the Electron part of the app because that would include the wrapper, windows buttons, and the ability to resize it. The scrollbars would probably involve updating the frontend code of the application so that they didn’t flow off of the window or pages.


These changes would be nice for the appearance of the app. The ability to resize the window smaller would be nice for snapping windows side-by-side when working. For me, my schoolwork is online and so I often snap my browser beside Anytype. With the way it is currently, I have to zoom out in my browser to see everything in the lesson.


I don’t know of any alternatives. Other Windows users in the community may have some thoughts here as to if they would like these inconsistencies fixed differently.


Hi @23jjl, welcome to the forum and thanks for posting a detailed list of design inconsistencies! With these kind of design issues, it’s always debatable whether it should be posted as bug report or feature request (depends on what the designers and devs had in mind :wink: ).

I hope the team can use these to make Anytype an even better product :slight_smile: .

@Angelo do you think we should split this to individual topics for tracking?


Hey @23jjl ,

Welcome to the forum! Thanks for your findings. We will start the process of polishing our desktop application very soon, and they will be helpful to us :raised_hands:


Thanks, @sambouwer! I posted it as a feature request because it’s not I guess what I would consider a bug (which in my mind would be something that makes the app harder to use or unusable), just minor design flaws :wink: Also, if I was supposed to request these separately, I’m sorry. However, I hope this can make Anytype (which is already amazing :100::star_struck:) even better!

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Thank @yura! I hope my suggestions help and am super excited about the future of this software!

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@sambouwer for now I’ve archived them to our internal product feedback channel. Thanks for the sharp eye @23jjl!


Oh, @Angelo @sambouwer @yura, before I forget to mention this, the scrollbar on the search panel is the same as the other scrollbars where it flows off of the panel a bit at the top and bottom. Thanks, and I hope this helps make Anytype better in the near future! Also, congrats on the latest release, it makes a few things, such as sets, a lot better :wink:


updated your feedback internally, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @Angelo, I recently ran across another electron app called “Gmail Desktop” and it has this awesome looking wrapper that I think would look nice with Anytype. It has the app title in the center, which I think would look a lot better. The color also changes when you change the color mode.

Light Mode:

Dark Mode:


Thanks @23jjl

We are returning to the standard Windows top bar, so our custom one won’t be used anymore.