Description Relation is getting duplicated in a Set with a List View


Description (as Relation) is getting duplicated in a Set with a List View.


  1. Create a Set for any Object type.
  2. Apply a List View to it.
  3. Open or create an object for that Set
  4. Add a Description Relation to this Object
  5. Fill in the description with text.
  6. Get back to the Set
  7. Now you can see that this description is duplicated.
  8. Here is a video of the bug:


The description shouldn’t get duplicated.


  • OS:
    Android 12
  • Device:
    Samsung M32
  • Anytype Version:
    Android: 0.9.0-alpha


Procedure initially used to recreate the bug:

  1. Create a list view with bookmarks as a object type.
  2. Add an object with link and description to it (from PC)
  3. Turn Off Description Tag from relation menu.
  4. Observe description on Android.

No need to add BUG nor ANDROID in the title of your topic, as there is Tags for each of them :wink:
Notice that you must use the newly created Nightly Bug Report instead of the older one, only for those your report from the Tester program.

Oh okay got it! I think those tags weren’t there when I created the post, or I misread something.

They are indeed quite new!

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BTW, Anyone able to reproduce it?

I was able to reproduce it :+1:, but why did you post this report in the Nightly section? Android doesn’t have a Nightly yet, so you should have posted it in a regular Bug Report instead.

Note that to limit any confusion, you should only enter your technical specs Infos for the topic mentioned OS. Besides that, [Design or UI] tag was not appropriate :wink:

You are right my bad.

I was confused initially, since I thought the desktop build was having compatibility issues with current Android build, so I posted it with Nightly Tag.

But thanks for the correction.

Should I remove the nightly tag?

No problem, I’ll do it.