Description in Shortcuts/Markdown Does Not Match the Actual Behavior

Describe the bug

In the Shortcuts manual, Markdown section, it is stated that users can use any of the listed commands at the beginning of any new line or existing block of content. That is not true, none of the commands work unless the block is empty.

To Reproduce

    1. Create/Open a page.
    1. Create/Have a block.
    1. Type something.
    1. Try out any of the listed commands without creating a new block, for instance > + Space. It will not work.

Expected behavior

I believe this is already the expected behavior, so a quick fix (removing the latter part) to the description in Shortcuts/Markdown should suffice.


  • OS: Windows 10, 1909
  • Version: 0.16.8

Additional context

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You are right, thanks!

We will remove the existing block of content text.

In the long-term, we’ll do some cool implementation with a markdown rendering instantly (without pressing space). No matter if the block was empty or not, prepending markdown symbols to a text block should switch that block to the corresponding block even if pasted from clipboard.